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Spending Valentines Day Alone: 

So you’re spending Valentines Day Alone , that day has rolled around again. Now don’t get me wrong, if you have another half on Valentines Day then is can a great romantic day that you create some great memories by. But sometimes you are single on the day, now did you know that if you’re single of the day then it’s called ‘ Singles Awareness Day ‘ but just because you’re single doesn’t mean you cant have a good day.

But what’s so odd about Spending Valentine Day Alone, its just one day? Actually there are even more romantic days than valentines day, so forget about what people say. Remember, it’s actually a lot cheaper, easier and probably a ten times better idea. So let me list some ideas that you can do if you’re spending valentines day alone.

Treat Yourself:

So you’re alone on that one day of the year people go a little nuts about, so why don’t you treat yourself. I mean, come on if you were in a relationship you would be spending a considerable amount of your other half so why don’t you take that money and spend it on something you want. If you’re a guy go check out these awesome gadgets to buy instead.. Forget about valentines day, its ‘me day’ time to pamper yourself.

Have a Party:

Now there is going to be more than one of your friends that are single on Valentines day, so why don’t you throw a party, call it a singles party and have some fun! What’s even better is that you may even meet someone at the party! So if you are single you have to think a live by the motto ‘Single pringle, ready to mingle’ 

Finish what you started:

Maybe you have had a hobby on the side you have been neglecting, maybe you have started writing that book or building something well maybe it’s time to forget about valentines day, calm your nerves and follow up that hobby, keep that mind clear.

Holiday Time:

Why don’t you keep your mind of the dreaded day and book a holiday to go somewhere else, if you have extra time and some extra cash, then book a holiday and get out of town for a little bit. This way your mind is kept of the day or from the past and makes a new memory somewhere else.

Forget about it:

But, over all these great ideas and alternatives of what to do on this romantic day, if you don’t like the day, forget about it, who gives a sh#t its only one day of the 365 in the year. So just do the usual, crack on with work, do the normal things you do and carry on like its any other normal day.

If you have any other great ideas to do instead of spending valentines day alone, comment below or tweet me @mrjamesvincent