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Spring Blazers With Striped Shirts

Let’s talk spring fashion, the sun is starting to come out, and that means you’re allowed to start wearing those brighter coloured clothes and step up your style game with some new spring blazers and a boost on your wardrobe.

The concept of spring in England, however, is touch and go; we like to think of spring the season of blossoming flowers and a bright, striking sun… Yes. However, we also get a lot of rainy days tied within that, so that means you’re outfit has to work both ways.

Let’s discuss my latest outfit, time to step up your game.


The contrasting light blue with tan blazer just screams sophistication a true gentleman style! Match this with the light blue oxford shirt from Jack Wills, and you are nearly there. A lot of people go wrong here, they throw on a pair of black jeans and while this doesn’t look back, having a little colour match (blue on blue) works a lot better.

At this point, your outfit is looking great, but we need to step it up even further, match your skinny dark blue jeans with a pair of brown, formal pointed shoes. Your outfit is so bold and sophisticated the last thing you want is to screw it up with casual shoes.

Now for accessories, I have gone from the Henry London gold watch, with an oxford gold ring with the casual black sunglasses. Now you’re ready to hit the streets.

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What did you think of my latest outfit? Would you try this outfit yourself? Comment your thoughts below, or you can reach out to me on social media, choose the channel you like, I’m on just about all of them.

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