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The Story Of My Lemon Tree | Why I need One And So Do You!

Today I am here to talk about my lemon tree, yes you read that correctly. Today I am going to discuss why I needed my lemon tree and why you need one too. So about two months ago I was at IKEA, one of my favourite places ever. I went in there to browse and purchase some office equipment I needed. However, even after spending two hours in there, I found nothing that interested me and in result left with a lemon tree.

lemon tree

I walked out with a small lemon tree; It had a few very unripe lemons hanging from a single branch. The leaves were small, the branch was lopsided and the soil was parched. I had never grown fruit before, but If you know me, you will know I love plants, so a fruit growing project was the next step.

So you’re probably thinking why am I sitting at my desk and writing about a lemon tree I bought. Well, let me explain! This lemon tree is a bit like a business, a project or a passion of yours. To make the perfect lemons it takes time, it takes effort and a lot of patience. You have to care for this tree, watering it, making sure there isn’t mould in the soil, that it’s getting enough sunlight and enough love and attention.

That’s very similar to how you should approach a business idea, a passion of yours or life in general. You see with a passion project, or business it takes a lot of love and attention to get it going, it takes a lot of patience to see it grow and enough desire to keep the drive to improve it.

But the trick is constant attention and patience, you see like the lemons, if you look after them at the start, grow them and ripen them but then stop the lemons will die. This is so similar to a passion or a business making sure you build it and care for it, and you will see be perfectly ripe and ready for picking.

However, pick the lemons to soon, and they won’t taste great, this is similar when applying for that competition in your passion, going after a competitor or taking a risk. You must make sure you know what you are doing; you must make sure those lemons are ripe before taking the plunge. Otherwise, you are back to square one.

So the moral of this blog post is think about your decisions, care for your projects and keep the desire to grow it as a future investment, not a quick win, because in result you will have a lemon tree that will be self-sustaining and you will have all the lemons you ever need.

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