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Strange Things I’ve Seen At The Gym:

So i’ve been to a few gyms, in different places at different times and throughout my experiences i’ve noticed some.. perculiar things. Things you would probably go ‘James, you’re lying, you have to be lying?’ Well I can tell you this, I’m sure as shit not. What I’m about to tell you is true, strange and down right weird. 

The Juggler:

So there I was, working at a normal, doing my thing and not caring what was going on around me, at the time I was working on chest so concentration was in order. Then from the corner of my eye I see a guy walk in, in a yellow neon tracksuit. He walks over to the dumbbells, picks up the 2KG set and…. juggles them. My god this guy was juggling weights… then he proceeded to look at me put them on the floor and leave. WTF. 

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The Suit Guy:

Once I was doing a late gym session, around 9.15pm I saw a guy come in, in a full suit, three piece everything, go over to the shoulder press, pick up the bar do 30 reps, drop it on the floor, then he said something to himself in the mirror, picked up his bags and left… WTF.

The Silent Trio:

These three guys walked in, matching gym gear, all tracksuits, all from nike, they did have different trainers though, they said absolutely nothing. Went over to the dumbbells, picked up the 2, 4, 6 ,8, 10 sets did this little circuit between them saying absolutely nothing the whole time. Then 10 minutes past, they put them back and left. WTF.

The Screamer:

This guy walked in, tall and macho he actually looked a bit scary, he went over to the chest press and put 10kg on each side, I was thinking that’s a bit light for this guy but okay.. but every single rep he did he would groan.. but like really sexually! To the point I was thinking is the gym… turning you on? He got louder and louder with every exercise and then left. I have never seen him since… This was such a strange thing to see.

The Selfie Man:

These are just a few of the weird and wonderful things I’ve seen in the gym, but what what you seen in the gym? Comment below or tweet me @mrjamesvincent. Check out my gym progress HERE