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Afternoon all you lovely people,

lets talk about Streatfields Shaving Cream but first I Hope you have all had a great week, the weekend is loading! Nearly there, if you are going out you need to make sure you are looking your best. Remember to shave before you go out, clean-shaven is the way forward unless you can pull of that beard, then keep on rocking it. 

For me, unfortunately, I don’t look good with facial hair, clean shaving is the best option for me. Now I’ve tried many ways to shave, I usually use an electric shaver, just because I’m usually limited for time. However, there are downfalls with using an electric shaver, it usually does a 70% job.. You leave the house only to find you have missed a patch of hair ( rookie mistake )

When I have the time though, I love using a manual shaver, slow and steady definitely wins the race for this, Streatfields sent me for sample pots to try, what these guys do that most others don’t do is that they have scented their shaving cream. However, this isn’t just your average shaving cream. Streatfields shaving cream offer high-end luxury shaving cream with the highest standard. My favourite was definitely the ‘Avocado and Lime’ my skin was so smooth and refreshed afterwards. They have loads of different ones so I’m sure there will be something to your liking. But remember to shave manually is an art.. don’t rush is or you are going to be walking around with small pieces of tissue stuck to your face..

You aren’t going to find much better shaving cream than Streatfields. Keep your cool and your image with Streatfields shaving cream.

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