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Sugru is mouldable glue that turns into rubber. We invented it to make fixing and making easy and fun. Look how it fixed my laptop charger!

I recently, discovered Sugru, It is adhesive moudable glue that feels like play-dough but the hardens after set. The eight pack comes in a range of colours to match whatever your using it for. For me I wanted to use it for something in particular, my laptop charger, now when it comes to chargers, for some reason their life cycle doesn’t last long, they always break so easily. So what’s great about Sugru is that it extends its product life cycle and keeps it going for longer, which in the long wrong will also save you money! For ages my laptop charger has been broken, I’ve tried to fix it with tape and glue but it hasn’t worked…

Once the Sugru arrived, I had to try it straight away. Take one of the packets, open it and use a small amount around the cracks or rip in the piece of equipment your trying to fix. Wrap it around and then mould it in  30 minutes then its all done. After 24 hours Its fully set!

If you are having problems fixing plastic cracks, bonding different materials or just trying to fix something in general. Then Sugru is the accessory you need. If you have any other questions about Sugru, tweet me @mrjamesvincent or you can see my other photos on Instagram @james.vincent 

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sugru  rubber glue  mouldable glue  moldable silicone  glu e  rubber fix

sugru  rubber glue  mouldable glue  moldable silicone  glu e  rubber fix

Surgru Glue