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Superdry Winter Essentials | Time To Wrap Up Warm!

Let’s talk about Superdry Winter Essentials, let’s be honest it’s getting cold… So cold it was the first time I noticed frost on the lawn and the house, I am just hoping it snows on Christmas day then I will be extra happy. Anyway let’s talk about what I got up to yesterday.

Superdry Sale Mens

I wanted to put this jacket to the test, to see how well it blocked the cold and kept me warm. Well, the only real way would be to climb the hill in the midst of dense fog up to an abandoned quarry? That’s what most people would do right? No.. Just me then aha. I went to the top of Titterstone on Clee Hill, wearing this Sports Puffer jacket and put it to the test!

This Superdry men’s sports puffer features a single zip fastening, with two external pockets and one internal pocket. This jacket has a padded hood, which will keep you extra warm on those cold winter days. It has adjustable bungee cords, ribbed cuffs! Finished off with the Superdry logo badge on the right sleeve and detailed zip pulls.

The jacket I went for is a medium, but it just depends on how you like to wear it, I have another parka, similar but I have that one in a large just because its a longer designed one, totally up to your preferences.

It looks great with so many outfits, very reasonably priced and will definitely be something you put to good use.

Mens winter jackets sale

This was all that was left of the abandoned quarry, on the top right was where one of the entrances was.

Superdry Sale

How spectacular is this view? Felt like I was on top of the world ahah!

Superdry Winter Jacket

I don’t know if you can see but there is a little window on the top right, this is where there was a room of some kind.

James Vincent Blog

It may look like the sun was shining but I can assure you it was very cold.

James Vincent Superdry Blog Winter Jackets Superdry

What did you think of this Superdry Winter Jacket? Is something on your wishlist or do you already have one of your own? Comment your thoughts below or reach out to me on social media. If you liked this article, make sure you check out this one.


Superdry Winter Essentials | Time To Wrap Up Warm!
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