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Suzuki Swift | Turning The Car Into A Ball Pit For #TheSwiftList

Good morning you lovely people, how are you all on this beautiful Monday morning? Today I’m here to talk about my latest collaboration, Suzuki Swift! That’s right, I have collaborated with one of the coolest car brands out there and I have been featured in their brand new Swift model for #TheSwiftList challenge.

This isn’t just your typical shoot though, oh no… I was down filming with nine other influencers. We had a challenge; our challenge was to come up with an idea, something out of the ordinary that you could do in the car.

suzuki swift, suzuki swift TV advert

“The Suzuki Swift is Lightweight, packed with features and such a great price, this is the perfect car you need to check out”

I had thousands of ideas, the ideas just didn’t stop flowing, there were so many cool things I could have done, but eventually, I decided that I would turn the car into a ball pit. That’s right people; I turned the whole car into one massive ball pit… thousands of plastic balls filled right to the top, oh and did I mention I was inside haha!

Suzuki Swift Guy

That was just the beginning though; you should see what everyone else did as well though for their #TheSwiftList challenges.  From a walk in wardrobes to obstacle courses, to beach themed days to even turning it into a DJ set and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

suzuki swift, suzuki swift TV advert

“The Suzuki Swift car will definitely turn heads and you’ll be in the driver seat”

By the end of the filming day, all I wanted to do was take the car home; it’s such a cool car and the features which made it so much fun, I remember as they were filling up the car, I was messing around with all the features like the start stop button, to the touch screen radio I turned it up so loud I was literally dancing in the car haha. If you want to see all the features of the car click here. Or if you want to take a look at the inside of this awesome car have a look here.

Suzuki Swift Influencers

Once again, a huge thank you to Suzuki for featuring me in their brand new model and collaborating with me on this awesome campaign, it was such a great day filming and hanging out with the other influencers.

Make sure you check out #TheSwiftList on Suzuki’s channels, see what everyone was up to here!

“Looking for a new car? Well, look no further… Suzuki Swift have you covered!”

What do you think of the brand new Suzuki Swift, what challenge would you do? Comment below or reach out to me on social media!

Suzuki Swift new advert

Big thanks again to Suzuki, the production team, all the influencers and everyone involved, it was such a great day meeting everyone and test driving the Suzuki Swift!

Have a great day everyone!

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Suzuki Swift | Turning The Car Into A Ball Pit For #TheSwiftList
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