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Swish To Go Review | Fresh Breath, Mint Taste

Good morning you lovely people, today we are going to discuss a relatively new brand that landed straight in my lap, Swish To Go. They are a teeth hygiene brand that clean your gums, fresher breath and make you feel more confident all in 10 seconds… Well, that’s what is says on the box, but let’s try it out for myself, let’s begin the Swish To Go review.

For the last few days, I have been down in London, for a range of events and especially in the UK Blog Awards, in that time I met hundreds of new people. All in very close range, from hugging to kissing them on the cheek to shaking hands!

“Fresh breath in 10 seconds… I like the sound of that”

Now just before the event, I had just gone out for dinner, I had to line my stomach being indulging on free booze and snacks! You don’t exactly want people smelling what you just ate… So you check your pockets for that gum. Maybe the last couple pieces that were left in the bottom of your tuxedo from the last event. However, I hate chewing gum at these events, It just looks a little weird, so I usually make sure I brush my teeth before, but there isn’t always time.

swish to go

That’s where Swish to go came in, one sachet, will freshen breath in no time, pour the sachet into your mouth and the powder will turn into a liquid, swirl it around your mouth for 10 seconds then swallow.

“Incredible fresh breath, minty taste!”

“Fresh breath is so important, the last thing you want is to be meeting someone new for the first time, and they start smelling what you just ate for lunch.”

What did you think of my Swish To Go review, is this product that you would consider buying yourself? Or do you think its a hygiene accessory you don’t need? Comment your thoughts below, or you can alternatively reach out to me on social media where I will be happy to answer all your questions, have a great day!

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Swish To Go Review
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