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Tesco’s Made Up Farm Brands

Now in the past, Tesco has been in the news a lot, and we have seen them have their ups and downs, more downs that up’s recently. However, what I’m going to discuss today is something that I stumbled across on. In the news Tesco have made front page. They have made front page because the brands that Tesco use for their “Farm Products” are actually made up. 

All their Farm products like, Nightingale Farms and Woodside Farms are all just made up, a marketing ploy designed by Tesco to lure more people into buying their products and feeling “Organic” Now, what do you think? Do you think this unfair on the consumers and loyal customers to Tesco, or do you believe this is clever marketing?

The retailer has revamped 76 lines in fruit, veg and poultry under seven newly created brands – with most of the products replacing those under its existing ‘Everyday Value’ budget range.

In my opinion I think its both, all companies are doing it, do you really believe that all these high end brands are really producing farm products. But, I also think its careless, a leading supermarket to let the newspapers find out its not real? That’s just a disaster in the making.

But what do you think? Is this misleading to consumers, or clever marketing that they just got caught over? Comment below or tweet me @mrjamesvincent 

Have a great afternoon,