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Text Flirting – The Biggest Do’s and Don’ts:

Good evening you lovely people, hope you’re all having a good day and what not! Right, let me lay some facts on you today, but first. An introduction; We are literally all glued to our phones, everyday we use them. Constantly looking at social media, and the rest. Now, we also naturally use our phones for texting…Because of the development of texting it has even cut out a slice of real interaction we used to have. However, with this in mind, it is now highly common to start any dialogue with a girl or guy on text first before actually speaking to them.

In addition to this it is quite common to sext, flirt or even just have “naughty” banter over text. Yeah, that’s good fun. Now if you are saying right now “Me, no I never do that…” You are a liar, come on we have all had a good old flirt on text. But what I’m hear to do today is tell you the do’s and don’ts about flirting over text, let’s begin;

Do: Flirt Over Text

Yes, texting and flirting go hand in hand. It’s great to flirt over text! Text Flirting works best for people that are a little shy, people that lack confidence find text flirting to much easier, because they can think about what they want to respond with.

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Do: Get Her/Her to Go on a Date

Flirting on text is not the end goal. Make sure you actually have a plan to meet them in person, otherwise you just have a digital relationship. Texting should be a support. So use text flirting to get them to go on a date and take it further.

Don’t: Waste Your Time

Want my honest truth? I don’t see the point in flirting over text unless there is an end goal. Now the end goal doesn’t have to be a relationship, it could just be for some fun, you could have a sexual tension that needs breaking. But what I’m saying is, don’t just flirt for the sake of it, if there is no end goal what’s the point? Okay, yeah flirting is fun! And a little bit of flirtatious banter isn’t frowned upon, but I like to think I’m not flirting with this girl for no reason?

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Do: Initiate

Yeah, okay guys sorry. But its hard wired into our generation and all of them before. The guy makes the move. So if you feel she isn’t texting you first, it’s usually because she wants you to. However, she may just not want to talk to you, you can easily work this out by how she responds when you text her.

Do: Mix it up

If you feel like that person and yourself are flirting on a regular basis, mix it up every now and again, keep the person on their toes, that’s the best kind of flirting. Try something new or drop a cheeky comment when they aren’t expecting it.

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Do: Use Emoticons

Yeah for gods sake, use emoticons. They make flirting so much better, it can support your message if you’re trying to get something across let me give you example

“Hey maybe I should come over for a little hula and hang?”

“Hey maybe I should come over for a little hula and hang? ;p” < See its more cheeky! That’s what flirting should be, cheeky!

If you have any other questions about text flirting, comment below or tweet me @mrjamesvincent