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TG Green Tea Review | Naturally Uplifting Pyramid Bags.

Good morning everyone, today I want to talk about Green tea, not just any green tea but TG Green tea. I find it so hard to find good green tea nowadays. It’s either loaded with sugar, or the actual blend is well crap. However, I teamed up with these guys ages ago on the iced tea, but now I’m back with the TG green tea review for their pyramid bags, let’s see what I have to say about it. 

Well, if you know me or follow me you will know that I’m quite a clean eater, besides my Gin and Tonic and a cheeky cocktail I don’t like to put anything bad into my body “Clean body, clean mind” Well, you know what I mean. But with that in mind, there are days I wake up after excessive drinking from a messy night out to maybe having friends over for a large BBQ and eating my weight in food. So you wake up the next day, you need to sort of detox your system that’s where TG green tea comes in.

One pyramid bag produces this beautiful flavour, brewing in hot piping water get’s your day started right. The taste is so natural there isn’t any additions like sugar or sweeteners, pure green tea just how I like it. However, some people don’t like it on its own, if you aren’t sweet enough make sure you add a touch of lemon or a spoonful of honey.

Start your day right, keep your body clean and enjoy the great taste from TG Green tea.

I hope you enjoyed my post on the TG green tea review if you had tried this tea before and had your opinion on it comment below or you can reach out to me on social media. Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

Tg Green Tea | Have You Tried This Green Tea? I Can’t Stop Drinking It…

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TG Green Tea Review
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