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The Beginning – Blog Launch

Hi there,

This is my first ever blog post, for quite a long time I have been wanting a blog, somewhere that I can talk about all my interests. The thing is I have so many, so thats I came up with the name, ‘The Explorationst.’ Basically exploring every fundamental of life that interests me!

I wanted to actually produce this blog in 2014, but like anything life takes a go at you, and other things get in the way.. However as my new years resolution I decided to get down to it and produce my own blog! Therefore I sat down and worked out exactly what I wanted to write about, and how I’m going to do it! I didn’t actually start producing this blog until I got back from Essex, I had spent my New years down there with one of my best mates! I had never been down to Essex on a night out so I decided to have a go!

I was going to do nothing for new years, have a quiet one in, however as 2015 is going to be such a big year for me as there is so much I want to accomplish, I decided to start new years off to a bit of a bang! It took me a long time to get down there as I live in worcester but it was definitely worth it!

This blog will by a life journey for me, talking about all my interests which include; Fashion/style, Business, Journal, Lifestyle and Travel. Its a bit of a wide spectrum, but those are my interests and hopefully there will be something that interests you!

If you have any recommendations into what you would me like to write about, or more about me personally, get in touch through the contact page, I love to have a chat so i will definitely get back to you!

Hope you enjoy my blog and everything i write about!

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