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Christmas adverts from 2015:

Christmas Adverts are always popular, you know when people are starting to get into the festive spirit because all the big companies start show casing their adverts! For example, I know when its acceptable to start getting into the festive spirit when Coca-Cola start their Christmas Advert. 

So if you’re not feeling festive this year, this will definitely change it, grab your tissues and your christmas jumper! Here we go in alphabetical order.


Aldi really out did themselves this year, to entice their customers they produced a fantastic advert!


I very much liked the Argos advert this year, it showed people skiing and zorbing down a mountain to promote the retaler’s fastest service ever. Which is really clever!


They wanted to showcase everything they do for their customers this year, all the products you need around christmas like ‘Christmas Pudding, Christmas light, etc! Were all at great prices. As Martine McCutcheon’s Natalie says in Love Actually, if you can’t do it at Christmas, when can you?

Body Shop:

The Body Shop this year decided to do something a bit more personal, their adverts is people singing christmas carols in the bare bums.


Now if your saw Boots advert last year you would not of had a dry eye, it very a very emotional advert that had a lot of people it tears, so this year they decided to go a bit jollier, you can have a watch here.


Now we all love Cadbury Adverts, but this year this decided to step up their game, they decided to do a cadbury advert calendar. Show casing, 24 trucks going out at the same time!

Coca – Cola:

The iconic “Holidays are Coming” jingle has been gracing our screens for 20 years now.


This year they decided to focus on the perfect gifts for your loved ones, have a watch here:

John Lewis:

One of the best Christmas Adverts from 2015, John Lewis this year focus on old man looking through a telescope! It was such a cute advert.

Kwik Fit:

I love this advert, its so clever, ‘Everyone needs an MOT, EVEN santa claus!


Voted the best christmas ad of 2015, Sainburys really out did themselves this year with their Christmas Advert!


With Christmas adverts becoming so tense, for companies to be in the lead, waitrose decided to advertise their adverts with teasers!


Last but not least, Warbutons Christmas Advert, featured the muppets!

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So Happy christmas Eve Eve,