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Morning all,

With all this hot weather in the UK I bet a lot of you are thinking ‘Damn… Summer is right round the corner, need to get that beach body ready!!’ Well if you have started a 12 week program, or started going to the gym, you need to make sure you are eating well, as well as working out! Nutrition plays such an important role in fitness. You can’t be working out 6 days a week for 1 hour workouts only to be going home and munching on that cake…

So I wanted to show you some great Fat Burning Foods to be eating to keep your energy levels high and your fat levels down!

1) Cinnamon, is said to help block certain levels of insulin response to the body, which in result, helps your body from storing fat. There are a lot of health benefits that Cinnamon provide as well. I add cinnamon to my porridge in the morning, usually gives it a better taste and a bigger kick.

2) Apples, these crunchy snacks provide a great antioxidant which helps the body storing fat, this fruit is also a great snack to tie you over until your next meal.

3) Grapefruit, I don’t personally eat a lot of grapefruit, I prefer to just blend it than eat it on its own. Grapefruit has been found to lower insulin levels in your body, this sour fruit is also a great fruit to fill up your appetite, it has shown to keep your stomach at bay for longer.

4) Yogurt, now I’m not meaning the corner yogurt with the chocolate bits on the side, or the full fat yogurt pots with the cookie bits on the side… I’m meaning low-fat greek style yogurt. Yogurt contains certain bacteria which helps reduce fat levels in your body.

5) Green Tea, You guys know I’m a big fan of Green Tea, drinking it on a regular basis, this tea is great for melting off the fat, it speeds up your metabolism, turning your food into energy rather than fat.

6)Oats, they are packed with fibre, a slow releasing carbohydrate which means they keep you full for longer, I always recommend a breakfast with oats as it keeps you going until you are on your break.

7) Coconut Oil, I never used to really use this, when people started using coconut oil there was mixed views onto how beneficial it was for you, but after doing some more research and using it personally I found out that it’s practically no calorie, highly filling and great to cook with.

8) Lean Meats, protein has great effects on the body, there are certain meats which are packed with it, like Chicken, turkey and a few others. The effects on your body can help produce muscle mass, improve metabolism and make you all around stronger.

9) Avocados, a lot of people can get nervous about avocados because of high fat content, but its a good fat! They contain a massive supply of monounsaturated fats which help towards the breakdown of glucose, aiding in fat loss! They are also highly filling which is another plus.

10)Eggs, we all know eggs are good for us, packed with a huge amount of healthy proteins and energy pockets to keep you going.

Now I know there are probably many more, so if you know any comment them below or tag me on twitter!

Hope you all have a great day, and you go try out some of these Fat burning foods.

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