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The Bluebeards Revenge

Good afternoon all you lovely people,

The other day I received some new products off The Bluebeards Revenge guys, they had sent me some Beard oils and moustache wax, now unfortunately I don’t actually grow enough hair to do that… so for this post I got some of my friends who have mastered the art of facial hair!

What I did for this post is I gave the product to two one my friends that could all use it for one day to see if I could persuade them to go check Bluebeards out!

Beard Cuban Oil:

Sam said he preferred the cuban oil over the classic one, it has a musky scent which works really well which the Eau de toilette he wears, it works so well the oil is soaked right into the hair and keeps it tight which a nice glow, he said he had used a few in the past but they would all leave an oily residue which gave him bad spots, but this stuff works nicer, even in hot weather.

Classic Beard Oil: 

Sam said the classic worked well, it smelt exactly the same as the other Bluebeards products, which is nice but he definitely preferred the cuban, a more masculine smell! Both beard oils working very well, no spot after effects and it eliminated all his beard frizz and kept it all tightly packed.

Moustache Wax:

Sam loved the moustache wax, a light wax that works perfectly on styling and re styling the moustache, he liked the fact that it wasn’t scented as you don’t want to be over powered by the scent of products all day. He said the container was great just to throw in a bag for when its needed.


Beard Cuban Oil:

Oliver had said the cuban oil was nice but felt it was a bit over powering! He loved the effect of it though, he said his beard is naturally really frizzy, and in this weather his beard goes a bit wild.. However, with the beard oil it keeps it tightly packed, and protects your skin. He loved the packaging of the products, said he actually read the inside of the box!

Classic Beard Oil:

Nice product, definitely something he would pick up, small lightweight bottle is great for on the go, and as it had a special pourer which limited the amount of oil which came out made him use it more sparingly and not over power his beard with oil.

Moustache Wax:

Oliver had said the moustache was good, loved the packaging easy to find in your bag and said you need barely any for good results! Price was great compared to other moustache waxes he has used, no greasy residue, results lasted for ages.


You should definitely go check these guys out! Awesome products! The Bluebeards Revenge