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The British Museum | Never Stop Learning

Over the weekend I was in London, a long overdue trip with my family and have a day out exploring the city, drinking good gin and hanging out with good company. We headed down to London in the early afternoon as soon as we arrived we made our way to The British Museum, one of absolute favourite places.

The British Museum Walls Inside

Real Crystal Skull

Seeing the real crystal skull was definitely one of my favourites, its been a long time dream to see it up close, I took so many photos.

James Vincent London

As you can see I am very happy, the Egyptian part was absolutely amazing. Seeing a sliver of their history up close was just fantastic, I will definitely have to go back and see it all again.

Inside British Museum Broken Statue British Museum

Just look how these statues are made, the detail they have gone into and how they have survived throughout history, imagine being able to watch them make it in person.

British Museum Wall

Vast stories told in stone, this one was from the great lion hunt, think how long it would of taken to make this, and with all the fantastic detail they have gone into.

British Museum Statues

If you haven’t had a chance you should visit this museum, make a day of it because there is so much to take it. Its always good to learn new things and see how civilisations through history grew and what they faced.

Unfortunately I could only see about 10% of the museum because of time, but I will definitely be back! Have you been to the British museum before, if so what’s your favourite part?

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Have a great day everyone and remember to never stop learning.