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Good morning everyone,

Let me start by saying a big thank you to The Gents Pack for sending one of their boxes to me!

Sorry I wasn’t been able to get this post up yesterday! I wanted to make sure I got all the pictures and unfortunately I ran out of time!

The Gents pack was sent to me the other day, a subscription service for the modern man. Its simple, you go online, you choose from what kind of products you want, then sign up for the service. They are products men actually need!

They make it so simple to sign up, and they let you choose the kind of products you want inside. Some services provide you with products you don’t need or already have a few of! With five quick and easy steps you decide; Who it’s for, what socks, what boxers, what mens products and your address and then you are ready to receive it!

My box included; 

Obviously underwear– All the way from Australia, they have been designed to not only look great but also feel great, comfort is key! Go check them out here

MrD London Socks– You can see from the pictures below how cool these socks are, with so many different designs, these socks look great with so many outfits, they give you that edge, in addition they are properly elasticated so they will never ride down! Go check them out here

FIT Skincare– Now I had never heard of this before, its a grooming solution for men, this product is meant to tighten and tone your skin, I have to say it actually works… I was doubtful of course, but I have used it over the last couple of days and my skin definitely feels tighter and more toned! I may have to go get another bottle! Check them out here

The gents Pack is overall a great subscription service to get into! Loads of cool products men not only want but actually need! Keeping you looking good all year round! If you are thinking of signing up to a subscription service this summer these are the guys to look into!

If you have any other questions tweet me @mrjamesvincent or check out my latest photos on Instagram @james.vincent 

Have a great day, James

The Gents Pack - Jamesvincent.life

The Gents Pack – Jamesvincent.life