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The Implode Effect:

Now, you have probably read that and thought, ‘What is James on about’ Well let me explain. The implode effect is a term I came up with, now there is probably some fancy terminology for this but basically its where you implode, on yourself. Yeah, that’s not exactly clear, so let me explain in some more detail. In life, whatever you are doing something will eventually annoy you. If its at work, and someone’s said something that just pulled on your last string, to school where someone was annoying you and you didn’t say anything back. Now, if we are calm people, we take what people have said and throw it over our shoulders, we move on and forget about it. However, if this problem persists and we keep bottling it, then we implode.

Imagine it like a bag, a normal run of the mill plastic bag, you put a few groceries in there, the weight of the bag can take it, you throw in a few more items and still the bag is going strong. Then you add a couple more and you see the handles start to stretch, then you add that last tin and it all rips. That’s the same when you bottle something.

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Now, I can’t sit here typing this up looking like some sort of guru being a computer screen. I am just as bad as the next person, imploding has been the cause of some breakups, some verbal fights with teachers even to the extent of shouting a customer. Yeah… By keeping things inside for too long we lash out at usually the worst time, and it usually results in the worst outcome.

So why am I talking about this, well every now and again I feel the same, the imploding effect takes place, you feel like you’re about to explode and you hold it in. Well DON’T if you cant express you anger, sadness, grief, guilt to that person express it to someone else, that way you are expressing it and releasing it in some form. Because that last thing we want is you to implode, because that can cause serious problems as a result.

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Releasing the emotion is better for your health, tell someone how you feel, what’s on your mind or what’s been bothering you, I promise you will feel better doing it. Bottling problems results in broken bottles.

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