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The Power of A Compliment: 

In life we love to be complimented, anyone that says they don’t is a liar. Its something that can make someones day go from average to amazing in a few short words. But where people go wrong is they don’t compliment or they compliment to much.

There is a fine line between them, for example. If I think someone is pretty, I tell them. Why keep it a secret? Especially girls love to hear this sort of stuff. In addition by actually saying it and expressing your feelings you show confidence, which is something always good to do. Girls love it when you say how you feel, express emotion and tell them how it is, no point beating around the bush.

Now, why am I talking about this? Well as a blogger, a compliment goes along way. When someone compliments me on my blog its a little push you need to keep you going further. But not just in blogging in general. If I have done a massive piece of work, worked on it day it day out and present it ( and its good ) then I except a compliment, it makes me want to work harder and produce better work.

Now, from what I spoke about earlier, don’t over do the compliments, if you compliment someone generously from making a good cup of coffee to presenting a client then a compliment becomes saturated, it becomes useless. So only give them out when you feel they are necessary, now a compliment can be in different forms from “Thanks for the cuppa” to that “That piece of work is amazing”  – See the difference, you don’t need to be like “Wow, what an amazing cuppa, thank you so much” It sound  so sarcastic!

So remember, if you feel like complimenting someone, say it. Don’t think twice, it goes a long way. If you have any other questions about the power of the compliment, comment below or tweet me @Mrjamesvincent