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Coffee Addict: The Funny Side:

So when you have a love for coffee, you product certain traits, things that make you a coffee addict, now these can be anything, and we all have different traits, but there are some we all universally experience.

Waking Up: 

If you’re a coffee addict you wake up, and yes you may be a morning person, sun is shining and you are ready for the day, but until you have had coffee its best no one approaches you, for their own safety.

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Excessive complaining until first sip:

Until you have coffee everything annoys you, the way the door opens the drivers on the road, or even how the birds are cheeping in the garden but then ones you have had that first sip, the coffee addict within you disappears.


Until around noon, where the coffee in your system has started to settle, you have and will continue to have no patience for bullshit. Like at all.

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Survival Instincts:

If you haven’t had coffee in the morning, your ability to find a coffee shop becomes just as amazing as Bear Grylls finding water in a rainforest.

The mood shift: 

There is a very noticeable mood shift from before you have had no coffee and after you have had coffee! People will stay away from you until you had had that first coffee of the day

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Decaf… WTF.

You have this high judging ability when it comes to people coffee preferences. ‘Are you drinking Decaf? What the hell is wrong with you?’

small cup? Are you a Smurf? Bring me a jug: 

You have a sense of respect depending on the size of the persons coffee cup.

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