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School, things They Don’t Tell You… 

So its pretty compulsary to go to school, you spend a large portion of time in a class room learning knowledge you need for later on in life. However, even with this in mind they may not teach you things that you are actually going to need.


The art of networking:

So you’re in school, they teach you to get good grades and float through school, yeah that’s true. However, if you don’t make friends and network with other people you will be left behind in the future. Networking early on makes it so much easier for later on in life. Networking with people creates and develops a professional social base.

How to read a financial statement:

Oh a financial statement, yeah there are fun… But they need to be done. Now later on in life, financials are going to be highly important but to understand what you are actually reading is even more important, schools never tell you how important this actually is.

Be nice to others, the world is smaller than you think:

You don’t realise how small the world actually is, with people spending a couple years here and a couple years there the chances of running into someone that you knew from your childhood isn’t unlikely, so when you are at school be nice to everyone, even people that you wouldn’t usually be nice too. You never know, one day you could be working for them!

How to actually grow your own company:

Yeah… Big one, schools never actually tell you how to become an entrepreneur, how to grow and maintain your own company, there philosophy is to work for others..

Grades are important but so is having social skills:

The biggest one I can tell you, social skills are highly important, nowadays people are not going to hire you on just your grades, sorry mate. You have to impress besides that piece of paper. You may get straight A’s in school but with no social skills you really think someone is going to hire you? It need a balance of both.

If you screw up, its your own damn fault:

Yep… sorry people! If you screw up, its your own fault, you are on your own in this little blue dot. Schools promote they are going to help you, but once you have left those golden gates you are on your own. So make sure that doesn’t happen, get good grades so you don’t need to blame someone else.

Don’t expect a massive pay out straight from college:

Now for some reason schools and university advertise this ‘package deal’ that when you get out of university you are going to have this awesome pay out.. Yeah, well that isn’t going to happen. Unless you get a graduate scheme, which even they don’t offer as much as you think. You are still going to have to work your ass off to get where you want to be.

If you know any other things they don’t tell you in school, comment below. Or you can tweet me @mrjamesvincent