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Thoughts Everyone In The Shower!

Now, we all shower.. Well I hope you guys do! While we are in the shower we develop a series of thoughts, now you probably think you are the only one having these thoughts, well you’re not! Can you relate to these?

“I gotta make this a quick shower, I’ve got so much to do today”

“OMG this hot water feels so good.”

“Okay, let me just enjoy this for a second…( 2 hours later )

“I feel like I’m being swaddled in the loveliest of warm blankets.”

“Okay, in out, crack on”

“What is the meaning of life?”

“I could of so won that argument if I said that”

“How could I forget that?? I would have just done it…”

“Sings latest lyrics of some stupid song you remember”

“AHHH when did my fingers start getting pruny?”

“I’ve only been in here for 15 minutes, tops.”


“I need a shower radio, like ASAP.”

“I should write that down real quick so I don’t forget. It’s a million dollar idea, really.”

“Ehhh, I’ll remember.”

“When did it get so steamy in here?”

“That would be so cool if that happened”

“what’s life all about?”

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Have a great afternoon,