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Well good afternoon world, I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday, this week is going so quickly.. Before we know it, it’s the weekend! Today I’m talking about Tighes Timepieces, these guys are rocking gentleman watches. I received in Hale Milanese. The best way to describe this watch is, when simplicity, marries creativity. At first glance you are struck with a night black face, contrasting with the vibrant and enticing gold strap and outer face. In my eyes the perfect combination.

I’ve been looking for a watch like this for ages, it’s so simple but so elegant. The metal strap fits for any wrist, marrying the dial area and ticker. It’s an automatic watch so no fussing around with winding it up, put it on and you are ready to go. This is a true gentleman’s watch, this watch works so well with smart attire. I recently wore this at a business/fashion event and it was the perfect watch. A watch that makes people look twice.

This watch costs, 53 pounds which is so reasonable for the watch you receive. A classy, sophisticated watch that will not let you down, the watches arrive so promptly, and come in such a nice box. Felt lined black box with the Tighes Timepieces logo within in.

If you are looking into buying a new watch for you other half , or just treating yourself to something a bit different get yourself on Tighes Timepieces, for timepieces that don’t break the bank but definitely look like they should ;p

You can see more pictures on my Twitter @mrjamesvincent or my Instagram page @james.vincent 

Have a great day everyone, stay classy.


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