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The Top Eleven Ways To Eat Eggs For Breakfast!

Breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day right? Well we can argue all day long if it is or not. However, in my eyes it is! I have to have breakfast or I’m pretty much the grumpiest person you have ever met… Okay, I’m not that bad but without breakfast and coffee I get a little weird! So let’s talk about breakfast. It doesn’t have to be boring and just have a plain old boring meal… Mix it up! That’s what I’m hear to do!

Now, they say eggs in the morning is like one of best things you can do, high protein meal which just gets you out of sleep mode and into work mode, or creative mode or whatever you do ahah! But, when we thing cooking eggs we think… Scrambled, boiled or fried… That can become a bit boring, well it won’t be after you try these top ways to eat eggs!




What did you think of those ways to eat eggs? It’s mixing it up from the generic ways right? Hope I was able to give you inspiration to try a new way to have breakfast! If you have a favourite way you like to eat eggs in the morning, comment below or reach out to me on twitter or Facebook! If you want to check out more food posts, check out these posts below! I’m sure there’s something that will take your picking!

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