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Read more for the Top reasons to wear a watch:


Naturally in the business profession, it is important to wear a watch. It matches the dress code. For example if you a wearing a three piece black suit, a black or silver watch can tie a whole outfit together. It expresses your taste, your style and your look. Sometimes, depending on what business industry you are in appearance can speak louder than words.

Time Management:

Now the very obvious reason is time keeping, it doesn’t matter if its for personal use, business and it doesn’t matter what occasion. Time keeping is so important, in the industry I’m in, time is important and shouldn’t be wasted. By having a watch you can keep on track of things. If its to be somewhere, to get a piece of work done by. Also especially in business meetings, pulling out your phone can sometimes be classed as rude, by having a watch you can quickly glance at your watch without offending your peers.

Personality Fit:

Nowadays, there are thousands of different watches, different brands and different styles. All designed to fit your personality. It can also depend on the industry you work in, for example if you are working in a high class job you may watch a watch that matches your style. On the other spectrum, you may work in the fashion industry where you need a very flashy watch to match your style.

To be Different:

In a nut shell, mens jewellery that actually ‘acceptable’ is limited. A watch is actually a piece of jewellery, with so many different designs you can actually get some great flashy looking watches that stand out in front of the crowd. ┬áSometimes you need a unique timepiece to stand out in front of your peers.

Looking Classy, Formal, Professional, and Sharp:

People often judge people by visual observations, a first glance at someone and usually you can sum them up in seconds. Even though its not good to judge people by their covers we actually do it naturally. So make sure you look the way you want to be perceived by others, if you want to perceived as classy, formal and bold. Don’t go wearing baggy jeans a stained t shirt and flip flops… A watch can make someone seem different to they actually are, so make sure the watch matches you.


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