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Tour Of Britain | Worcester To Cardiff

The sun shined through the windows of the Air BNB bright and early on the morning of the Tour of Britain. We woke up before the most of Worcester was awake. Strolling through the empty streets we made our way to the high street and there it was the Tour of Britain last stretch, the whole place was set up. The press and photographers were getting equipment ready, the security was getting ready for everyone to arrive and the community was slowly making their way to one of the biggest event in Worcester.

Worcester Events

The first to arrive was the police, an event like this needed to make sure it had the proper security, one after another they made their way down the streets and parked themselves up; they made sure no mischief happened that day.

Worcester PoliceBefore we knew it the streets were flooded with the Worcester community; the cyclists had started making their way to the event. The buses were parked up, and the cyclists were getting themselves ready for their last stretch.

Worcester Community

It was so lovely to see everyone out, from the local residents to cyclists enthusiasts to even the council and the mayor. This was one of the biggest events in Worcester, and I don’t think anyone wanted to miss it.

Worcester Mayor

The whole event was very well timed, all the press and photographs had to be done in allocated time slots, every team was allowed a specific time slot on the stage, signed themselves in and said hello to the public before it all began. It was so cool to be so close to the stage and see everyone up close.

Sky Cycling team

If you were at the event and you have some great photos make sure you reach out to me on social media. What did you think of it, comment your thoughts of it below!