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5 Tips For Travelling Around London!

As I spent most of my day on my feet, exploring through London, I want to share some of tips for travelling around London! Hopefully these can help make your exploring days a little easier!

Trust and Don’t trust google maps:

When you’re trying to find a place in London I’m straight onto Google maps, postcode in and follow the route! However, it’s not always correct! Who knows London the best? The people! Don’t be afraid to ask people where locations are! I did it literally 1000 times!

Price? Um… Let’s talk about money!

Okay, London is known for being over priced in every way shape or form! BUT it’s also where you get your food and drink. For example, I wanted a coffee, I went to some small local coffee shop and the prices were more than acceptable. Good food? London is full of these little gems plotted around, go exploring!

Be prepared:

Okay, that’s a little vague, what I’m saying is try an for a back up plan! Make sure you know the times of trains, the routes back and where you’re going!

Take a bag:

Remember in the Harry Potter movie when Hermione has the bag she pulls everything out of? Yeah? Well get a bag that’s got all kinds of goodies! The western man is always wrong! He said it would rain all day, it was boiling! So have the bag so you can throw everything in it!

Relax, go with the flow;

Yeah that’s a little contradictory from the point of being prepared, but if you’re exploring a city sometimes it’s best to just go with the flow! Making it too structured just makes its structured and boring.

If you have any other tips, comment below or share them on social media,  Facebook / Twitter !


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