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The Truth About Man Flu | Its Serious You Know. Its Worse Than You Think!

The question is, is Man Flu real? Well, let me answer that honestly and swiftly… YES. Of course it is! But do we really get it worse than women, or are we all being drama queens? Well, let me talk a bit about why its just so damn bad for us for you guys. 

Dr Sergio Diez Alvarez, director of medicine at The Maitland and Kurri Kurri Hospital, University of Newcastle, says the female hormone oestrogen may strengthen women’s immune systems. Which can support the recovery time for a cold.

The male equivalent – testosterone – impair the body’s capacity to fight off viruses, studies show.

And the part of their brain which triggers fever during inflammatory illnesses is bigger in men – suggesting they may have a stronger response to a cold than women. Apparently our sinuses are also more narrow that womens, so the minute our nose gets blocked, we do suffer worse… But that doesn’t mean to say you women don’t get it bad too! I’m just saying, I’ve got a damn cold and I want some sympathy aha!

With the colder seasons arising and the possibility of a cold getting more realistic, you have to consider a safe option to make sure you don’t have it bad. That’s where ManFlu comes in they offer products you need to get rid of this cold and get you back on your feet.

What did you think of the Man Flu post? Do you believe its as bad as I’m ranting on about? Well, I want to hear your thoughts below! I want to hear your stories about this dreaded flu! Comment them below or share them on email. Or you can alternatively reach out to me on social media!

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