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TUFF CHUCK energy drink, 24 hour energy at your fingertips!

Good morning you lovely people, Its Monday morning, the clouds are grey, the weather is cold and my energy levels are lacking. Now, luckily I have Monday off, not usually but I recently booked it off. That doesn’t mean I can have a lazy day, I need to be up and blogging all day. With that I need energy! Lots and lots of energy. I go downstairs to see post, I open up the packet to see Tuff Chuck energy drunk. The perfect essential for a Monday morning. 

Tuff Chuck Energy Drink, Turn On Your Mojo.

If you are a person like myself, I am on the go all the time, I don’t usually ever like to stop, even more I like to be productive and never waste a day. But you can only be as productive as the energy you have. Some days, I’m raring to go, energy flowing out my ears, but some days it lacks… That’s where you need energy drink, you need 24 hour energy!

I open up this small bottle, knock it back, this sweet fruity taste hit my tongue, I could feel that energy just flow through my veins, but that could be a placebo effect… So I wait, I carry on my day as usual, without any coffee in my blood, to see how effective this little bottle really is.

The day goes on, my energy levels are peaking, I can feel myself working harder, doing jobs quicker. This stuff actually works… What’s crazy is there is no sugar? You would expect that it would be loaded with sugar to keep you going but no… Its fat free, sugar free. Could you ask for much more in a tiny little bottle.

As this tiny little bottle is loaded with caffeine do not drink coffee, red bull or alternative energy drinks on top of it. The mix of both of them can increase heart rate, if you feel that happening, just drink water. For those days where you need more energy and you don’t have time to stop, turn your head to a bottle of Tuff Chuck, amazing tasting energy drink which will undoubtedly keep you going for those sleepy days ahead.

If you have any more questions, comment below or reach out to me on your desired social media channel, I’m on all of them, yes… All of them! Facebook / Twitter / Instagram..

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