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Turkey military coup: tanks open fire near parliament building!

Turkey military coup updated news! The US state department has issued an “emergency alert” for Americans in Turkey, saying:

“Shots fired and explosions have been heard in Ankara and both bridges in Istanbul, the Bosphorous and Faith Sultan Mehmet, are now closed. Martial law and a curfew have been imposed in Turkey. All flights at Atatürk Istanbul airport have been suspended.” 

The statement notes that although there are reports that social media may be blocked, US citizens should attempt to contact family and friends by phone or email. This is the best way to contact anyone in need. Same goes for UK Citizens needing help or support. If you are a tourist there right now, its best you pack and go.

Tanks have opened fire near the Turkish parliament building, Reuters reports, following similar reports from NTV and local journalists about gunfire in Ankara and Istanbul. This is being updated to make sure the news is accurate and correct.

A statement read on TV said a “peace council” now ran the country and there was a curfew and martial law. It is unclear who the group is or its level of support. Some top army officials are said to be detained. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he would overcome what he called an uprising by a minority.

He said: “I urge the Turkish people to convene at public squares and airports. I never believed in a power higher than the power of the people.” – This tactic used by himself does not work when he hiding in Germany.

Protesters have heard Erdoğan’s call to take to the streets, though, and some are chanting “shoulder to shoulder against the coup”. (What he believes to be a clever tactic so that the people will fight back against the army) Others have squared off with military forces who’ve closed bridges and streets. In one video, a policeman and military officer argue in a crowd in the street; in another, cars jammed in traffic honked horns in unison as people mill among them. In a third, a crowd sings and lifts up a huge Turkish flag. While there are segmented groups all fighting for different causes, we do know that this has only just begun.

Turkey Military Takeover | Need To Know

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