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Casually turn your Android into a Gameboy:

Good morning everyone, now if you grew up in the 90s you would of been blessed with the Gameboy, this gadget changed the way we played games. From the original black and white one, to the coloured ones with all the nifty gadgets. Now, the time has passed from when gameboys were around. However, from some very smart developers we have seen the attachment that all android phone users need!

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Now, we have seen all kinds of android and iPhone attachments, but this really does step it up a notch. Gameboy for me was a real game changer! I spent countless hours on it, maybe too long… Now if you’re interested in getting this attachment all you have to do is head over here: http://hyperkinlab.com/smart-boy-developer-kit/ They are taking pre orders, but the time may have ran out already!

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Now this is definitely a game changer because I know for a certain fact people are going to ordering them left, right and centre! Of course this doesn’t come close to the original, that piece of tech was amazing, however in this day and age, anything close to the original game boy will do!

If you are interested in seeing other great pieces of tech and want to empty your pockets a little bit, follow this link: http://hyperkinlab.com/products/

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