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Now after my Recent Post ‘Tuxedo Time’ a few of you asked some tips regarding what to do when buying a Tuxedo. These are the tips I can give you, they are as follows;

  • When buying a tuxedo shoulder fit is crucial. It’s worth sacrificing a little comfort to have a fitted look. Big and loose is not for formal attire, it doesn’t match the straw of a tuxedo, and doesn’t look good in the long run. Do not buy one hoping you will fit into it later on.


  • When you purchase the coat, make sure it is slightly shorter than your shirt sleeves, allow for a touch of shirt cuff to be shown. When you are judging the length, make sure you are not judging it when you raise your arms, because let’s be honest, who walks around like that..


  • Tuxedo trousers should have a slight break on top of the shoe. You don’t want your socks showing, but you also don’t want your pants dragging on the ground or bunching up on top of your shoes and looking sloppy.


  • Cuff links are formal jewellery and should always be worn on your tuxedo shirt. These can range, in the types of cuff links but should be worn.


  • Do not have a loose-fitting shirt, a tight-fitting shirt with a tuxedo is the way it should be done.


  • The breast pocket on your tuxedo jacket is there for a reason. It’s made for a pocket square. Jackets look empty without one, you can see the post I did a while back regarding the importance of a pocket square here

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 Mens style, mens tuxedo style, mens fashion style, mens style new, fashion, bloggerMens style, mens tuxedo style, mens fashion style, mens style new, fashion, blogger