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Tweed Jacket For The Win | Gentleman Style, Stepping Up The Classic Winter Style.

Looking at the tweed jacket, we see this piece of clothing come and go throughout the trends. But in England we do it come back in fashion quite regularly throughout the year. With England being so much colder the tweet jacket is such a great piece of clothing to have in your wardrobe. 

“Do you have a tweed jacket? If you don’t… Its time you should.


Model James Vincent

As its winter, the times are cold and we are wrapping up warm the tweed jacket just seems right for the occasion. Now, i’ve recently got my latest one from Debenhams, their tweed jackets this year are on point.

I recently featured a Debenhams look in the British Gentleman” Post. talking about matching the right colours to the right outfits. But I wanted to go into a little bit more detail with this post about the jacket and why its so important.

How to wear a tweet jacket

Wearing a tweed jacket is a thing of sophistication, make sure you match the clothing to the occasion. This piece of British clothing, is an all rounder, can be worn casually or on smart occasions, but what’s great about it, is once you have put it on, your outfit just becomes so much better. “Tweed has infinite possibilities for wear during autumn and winter,” says Chris Chasseaud, Style and Features Editor at Ape to Gentleman.

What to wear it with


Wearing this casually is easier than you think. There are pieces of clothing you need to make this outfit work. These include, the roll neck. – Either a wool, or nylon. This can be a tight roll neck, or a baggy one. Both types will look great. Matching this with blue jeans, bootcut would look perfect with this. Want some extra tips for it, follow this outfit.

I hope you enjoyed the tweed jacket post, if you want to carry on the fashion posts, then have a look at the posts below. If you have any questions, then reach out to me on social media. I will answer any questions you have there. If you’re not a social media person, you can always comment your menswear questions below.

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