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UK Blog Awards 2017 | Finalist

Good morning you lovely people, I hope you are all having a nice day. It’s currently 12.47 in the afternoon; I am sitting at my desk, in my dressing gown, sipping on my coffee and finally catching up with everyone from the last week. It’s been such a busy week, so much has happened, but in particular but the UK Blog Awards 2017! So let’s talk about it, are you ready?

Well on Friday the 21st April, I headed down to London for the awards, this was the first awards I had been to so. Naturally, I was a little nervous, of course, I’m going to be! I headed into the event and started mingling. The best advice I can give to anyone going to these events is don’t be afraid to go to talk to strangers; you are there to meet like minded bloggers so grab that liquid courage and start chatting!

As the event went on, I got to see so many people, from finalists in my category to bloggers that I had spoken to on social media. It’s quite a surreal feeling when you had chatted to someone online, had a meaningful conversation and then get to meet them in the flesh!

Uk blog awards, UKBA

I had the chance to meet the girls in my finalist category; it was so much fun speaking to people like Megan and Tess, who both have incredible blogs.

Now I didn’t win an award, unfortunately, which of course made me a little down, but it was a girl I was sat next to me said “It doesn’t really matter if you win or don’t because you have got here, you have been recognised as an amazing blogger” that was definitely the boost I needed.

I wanted to say again though, thank you to everyone that voted for me and got me to the awards, you are all amazing in my eyes, I wouldn’t have got there without any of you.

The night was an incredible event, with amazing people, amazing atmosphere and a night I will always remember.

Have a great day everyone!

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