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UK Prime Minister | Who Will Be Next To Take The Stand!

Well, Brexit made an entrance, and followed through. How we have to think now is Brexit is here, its happened, we can have a squabble, we can point the blame game but its here. Now we have to adapt and move on. David Cameron resigned, like he said he would, but now we have to think “Who’s going to make the stand now?” Who will become prime minister next? The next UK prime minister may be someone you would least expect…

In my opinion though, it will most likely be Boris Johnson. With him leading the #Leave campaign we will definitely see him probably take the stand… Or will it be someone else? Have your vote below!


So who do you want to be your next UK prime minister? Is it going to be Boris, or something totally new? make sure you share your vote below or reach out to me on Twitter or Facebook!

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