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The Ultimate Gentleman Guide:

Being a gentleman in this day and age is becoming more a scarcity, with politeness being so rare its being classed as flirting! Being a gentleman though isn’t just throwing on your latest suit, with a bold look and saying “I’m a gentleman” It’s a life choice! Its changing your ways, your attitude and your life decisions. With that in mind, I will show you the A-Z of being a true gentleman, from the ultimate Gentleman Guide.


Attitude. Its so important, having the right attitude makes such a different. By having a negative attitude can hold you back so much. It doesn’t matter where you are, who you are and what you do, if you have a bad attitude, change it.


Bravery. It comes in all shapes and sizes and it can define you at points throughout your life. Possess bravery and you’re one step closer to being the perfect gentleman.


Chivalry. its so important and in no way shape or form dead or dying. It just needs to be encouraged more! There’s nothing better than a polite, kind and helpful gentleman. Holding the door, giving his jacket when cold and picking the bill up is the gentleman way.


Determination is key, there’s nothing worse than a man that doesn’t have a direction in life, or goals. Know your strengths, work on your weaknesses and become the best you can possibly be.


Energy, a key to success, having the energy to never give up, to always work harder. Focusing that energy that you have into greatness, be at getting a promotion, buying a house, being the best you can possible be.


Focus. A key part of any gentleman, making sure you focus on what matters and getting rid of what doesn’t. For example, a true gentleman doesn’t have time to focus on gossip, negativity or time wasting. He focusing on what’s important.


Genuine.Theres nothing better than being called genuine. Being told you are a genuine person is one of the most flattering compliments to a gentleman. It shows you are authentic and you are genuinely a good guy!


Honesty. There’s nothing worse than being told you are a liar, no one likes one. A gentleman needs to remain honest, is shows loyalty and ties back to being a genuine person. Having trust is key.


Integrity. Every needs a strong level of integrity: strong moral principles and a strong sense of self are the essential part of any man’s personality. You need to show that you are loyal and trustworthy.


Justified. A gentleman should always be able to justify his actions, but never in an aggressive, patronising way, his actions should be respected and he should always be able to back them up.


Kempt. So far, we’ve only spoken about the traits of mind that a gentleman needs to have, but now we’re onto the aesthetic. Even if you possess everything else in this list, you still can’t walk down the street, looking sloppy and unprofessional, be a gentleman act like a gentleman look like a gentleman.


Loyal. Another highly important ultimate gentleman guide asset. You need to be able to be the type of guy that if your friends or companions have problems they can go to you with their problems.


Manners. Manners maketh man. Oh yes, this is so important, I’ve wrote many posts on this before, if you want to read them click HERE.


Noble. I’m meaning you possess all the qualities in this list, you go up and beyond for others and their expectations of you and the task at hand.


Observant. Be aware of what’s going on around you, and pay serious attention to it. No one likes a gentleman who’s either naïve, ignorant or who just doesn’t listen or doesn’t care. Get familiar with both your surroundings and the people that surround you; whether it’s work colleagues, family or flatmates.


Polite. Whilst simple, this is undoubtedly something that a lot of men can very easily forget about – particularly if they are seemingly self-assured. It can be as simple or as complicated as you like, but being polite needs to be at the top of your agenda – and we shouldn’t have to tell you that.


Qualified. Every gentleman needs to have a strong sense of achievement, especially in the workplace. Do what you’ve always wanted to do and get qualified for the job that you deserve. Being qualified will take you one step further into the career that you’re after, or already in.


Respectful. Have respect for others and have respect for yourself. Respect comes in all forms, but first and foremost it’s about your treatment of others and the way that you conduct yourself. If someone doesn’t want to date you? Respect that. If your boss doesn’t think you’re ready for a promotion? Respect that. And if your mother wants you home for the weekend, respect that also.


Style. It’s so important, a true gentleman looks great and classy. If you need inspiration for your gentleman style, click the LINK.


Travel. Oh yes, travel is so important, its very appealing to the opposite sex, by traveling to other places around the world you become cultured. You learn about how other cultures operate, it opens your life up.


Unifying. Make sure you are the guy that’s approachable, you are able to bring people together, be at work, or a party! You need to the guy that makes the heads turn.

Visionary. One of the most important ones in the ultimate gentleman guide. Being a visionary is having the vision to see potential, to understand where life could go, to put hard work in and achieve greatness. To sometimes take a risk but always being prepared for any outcome.


Wise. This one is always easier to say than actually put into action. However, its not unachievable it just takes time. You don’t have to be wise in everything, that is near enough impossible, but also highly un practical! Be wise in what interests you.


Xenial. Not to be confused with similar sounding words, no no. This basically means to be hospitable, you’re loved, respected and welcomed person.


Young. Now we all grow up, we all mature as time goes on, but age is just a number, sometimes you have to look back to your youth and thing, what would the younger version of me do! However, be cautious with the statement I just said, being youthful no matter your age does not mean to be immature careless and stupid.


Zest. Everyman just needs a little zest. The best type of person is one that lives in the moment, full embraces all aspects of life and sometimes, when needed rolls the dice and goes with it!

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