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My Story Of University Story!

Well, this is a post that was a long time coming. After being requested hundreds of times and people loving my other posts on university its only fair I tell you my journey of what my adventures of university were like, let’s begin the very long journey of my university story. 

Right, well let me just tell you what you are going to come across in this and what its going to be about. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to tell you every day, I’m going to tell you key events, so yeah its going to jump around a little bit so make sure you keep up! Within this little adventure you are going to come across all kinds of aspects of an average persons life like; Arguments, love, friendship, breakups, naughty times, regret and sorrow, with a dash of work and a bucket of adventure with a side course of craziness and a whole lot of fun….

Side note – All the people that will be included will have their names changed.

PART 1 – University Story – The beginning. 

Now before we go forward, we must go back, way back… I didn’t do university like every other normal person. When I finished A levels like every other sane person you have no idea what you want to do in life. Yeah I was 18, all I could think about was girls, drinking having fun and being care free. But, I knew I wanted to do something in the creative side of marketing… So I said to myself. Okay, further your education, work, and it will come to you. So I did two years at Business college, learning Marketing and Business Management and I aced it, getting a diploma in it I got approached by Worcester University, who said “Your grades have been so good, want to do a third year at the university and get a degree?” I thought, yeah this would be awesome. What was even better was I could go into halls, so technically for my last year of university I went into halls, with people two years younger than me ahah!

So let’s fast forward a bit to September the 13th. 2014. I’ve just arrived outside my building, I look up at this modern, flashy building and said to myself ‘This is the start of a brand new chapter’ I nervously but confidentially ( a huge mix of emotions ) walk inside, up the elevator as my flat was on the top floor. Flat 6. Room D. I was one of the first people to arrive, literally no one was there… I stayed in my room a bit, started to unpack, I thought to myself like every other person does, “Are my flat mates going to be cool? Maybe there’s something hot? Will I have a new best friend? Oh god, what if they hate me?” So I open the door, go into the kitchen and the first person I see is this small ginger girl, huge glasses wearing anime clothing… This was Frida, now okay, she was very very weird… A heart of gold though! She barely said anything to me, I thought to myself “Hm… Okay, let’s see how this goes” Then I hear the door slam, look down the corridor to see a tall, loud girl her name… Charlie. Now I’m being honest, my first thought, the immediate emotion that rushed through my body was “I’m not going to get along with you” < Now I know, that’s so bad, judging a person in one go like that. But I can tell you I was very very right, which I will come onto later. Then, I look back onto the kitchen, to another girl, bold and confident was Keina, I knew I was going to get along with her, she strut her stuff, she didn’t take shit and I had a feeling she would be cool! Problem was there were now there were three girls, and me.. No other guys, so I went back to my room, finished un packing and then there was a knock on my door! I open, up and there was Sam, I knew straight away we were going to be best friends, you just know, its hard to describe!

So now you’ve met everyone in my flat, but now the real fun begins, bring on the first official night of freshers… This got messy, way to messy.. bad things happened…

Keep your eyes peeled for part 2 of my university story, If you have any other questions, comment below or tweet me @mrjamesvincent