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My University Story | Flat 5 Meet and Greet!

Right, let’s begin! If you have stumbled across this post not knowing where you really are, let me just re cap for you! This is my university story! All about my adventures through university! Hope you enjoy!

Before we begin, if you haven’t read PART 1 make sure you read that first before carrying on… Okay, you’re up to speed let’s carry on! Last time we spoke I had just moved into halls, started the adventure off meeting my house mates, that’s also where we stopped so let’s carry on…

So, the first night of freshers! You would of thought out on the town, downing drinks, stripping naked and streaking through the streets, no no it was a bit more civilised… The girls in my flat “recommend” we stay in, get to know each other… At the time, sounded great, the sensible thing to do! Know the people you are going to be spending the next year with, well no! If I could go back I would of said “Fuck it, I’ve got the whole year to know you, I’m out.” But no, we spent the night in drinking away the awkwardness and the bullshit to try and get to know each other. What was weird though was when Sam recommended “Why don’t we go out?” The girls got really protective, at the time it went straight over my head but as time went on I understood why ( all will be explained soon )

Now at this little gathering of new house mates was someone else…someone that didn’t live at Flat 6, but she oh so did she wished, meet Bella. She was Charlies mate, both went hand in hand a duo package. At the time, she seemed nice, but it all kind of went downhill very quickly after 1 night of drunken filled … messiness. ( I will explain later, one by one in separate rooms.)

After the vodka filled night of getting to know my house mates I woke up, I didn’t have a hangover, no saw head, but my stomach was in bits, unable to eat I then slept, for the next 48 hours. After weird sleep, barely any food and my house mates knocking on my door constantly asking if I was alive, I then opened the door of my dorm room, refreshed and ready for the next round of madness.

Bring on the rest of freshers week!

But before we hit the town we met some new people, meet flat 5. We wanted to get to know new people, so we knocked on the door of Flat 5 and met what was eventually the group of a very strong friendship. First let’s meet Bill. Now, this guy was ginger, blunt but very cool, he didn’t really take any shit and I liked that about him. To be honest, at the start we didn’t really speak, but as time went on we become very close! He was more Josh’s mate… ┬áThe first time I met Josh I knew this guy was just like me, tall, well spoken, dressed well we even had the same mannerisms I knew him and I were going to get along!┬áLastly but not least, meet Lorna. Lorna was blonde/ish, very blunt ( VERY INNOCENT ) and at the start shy not by the end of the year, I can tell you that. She was so easily persuaded, I annoyed her literally the whole year, it was so much fun! But Lorna and I had some well… sexual tension. Now you have met the gang but more people joined as time went on, which I will explain later.

But now its time to go out, this is where the fun began… This night was a benchmark for the rest of the year!



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