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Now if you are a new beginner in the gym or a gym junkie, all rules apply. Have you ever been in the gym and seen something and thought? Really? Is this really the time and place? Like yesterday I’m in the gym, and this bloke was with his ‘crew’ and would put weight on the bench press ( Twice as much as he could do) And would do one rep, scream and shout then process to go up to his girlfriend, hug kiss and cuddle her? I was there like um… What?

So let me lay you guys with some facts, these rules are unspoken but everyone should know them!

Dropping Weights: Now I understand, if you’re lifting 40s you are going to have to drop the weight, but there is no need to throw the weights from shoulder height, I’ve seen people throw their weights on the floor, when they are doing 10kg… mate take a step back!


Returning Weights: This is simple, it’s just good manners, once you are doing with your set, put the weights back where you found them, you don’t want to be looking for a pair of dumbbells only to put on an easter egg hunt trying to find them.


Proper Attire: When you exercise, make sure you are wearing appropriate clothing, know I’m not saying wearing a full-blown track suit plastered with brands, most clothes will do but I’ve seen people come to the gym in jeans, boots? jack wills jumpers… I’m like really??? is this really the place to be wearing Doc Martins?


Time and a place: You have come to the gym to workout, know this doesn’t mean you have to put your headphones in and ignore people but you are there to work your muscles not your mouth. Keep the talking to minimal and get the most out of your workout.


Machine or Equipment Hogging: This one really annoys me, you see a guy using a specific machine or piece of equipment for a while so you politely go up to him and ask ‘Hey mate, how many sets you got left’ and you get the reply, ahh I’ve just started probably about 5-6 left… Really? are you sure? Can you count… If you are doing a lot of sets on a specific machine, let people jump in, time is just important and people want to get their workout done! Sharing is caring ahah!

If you have any other great rules, comment them below or tweet me @mrjamesvincent or look at my gym progress on instagram @james.vincent 
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