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My Virgin Train Experience | Let’s Talk About My Train Journey!

Well of course travelling to London I’m going go be using Virgin! They are super quick haha! But, being on these trains you are still in a metal tube and you do see all kinds of people! What I’m going to do today is run through a few types of people I saw and a few tips when using the trains. Let’s talk about my virgin train experience!

So you have a long journey coming up, don’t like waiting around, or waiting on trains? Travel Virgin.. God that sounds like a catch phrase aha! But its actually true. However, with travelling virgin trains there are a few things I noted, a few observations, let’s begin!

On any train you are going to undoubtedly meet some unusual people… From the lady next to me moaning about her boyfriend for the better part of any hour… To the giggling girls behind me, to the sleazy salesman on the phone selling god knows what! The thing is, people come and go, so they probably don’t give a shit what they say because it won’t come back to them… But I AM A BLOGGER! aaha!

Something big I noticed, don’t reserve a seat… Literally every time I’ve travelled people have either been in my seat refusing to move, or I’m in theirs… I’ve travelled Virgin a fair few times and never actually sat in the designated seat ahah.

I have to say though, virgin trains are stepping it up a notch! From the shop on board actually selling worthwhile snacks, to the incredibly comfy seats haah! I actually fell asleep on one today, and that is rare for me to sleep on public transport!

I will say I think they need to have a little look into their “free wifi” hasn’t worked the last couple times I’ve been on their trains… Could be my phone though! Which leads me onto my next point, they have plugs! FREE plugs! Huge tick in my books.

Overall, traveling virgin in easy and my number 1 choice. If you have any more questions, comment below or reach out to me on your desired social media channel.  Facebook / Twitter !