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You Won’t Believe My Virgin Train Journey Experience… Mark #2

You’ve probably read that title and thought, what do you mean mark #2 well this isn’t the first post on my Virgin Train experience, if you are interested in reading that one, head over to this link! Earlier this week, I was in London, on some wild adventures meeting some companies, a gorgeous blogger and so much more! But, within all the fun there is still a very long… Train journey ahead.

So I had got to the train station, practically ran down to it and I get there, looking around with this panic look on my face! I then see no train… I ask one of the guys there “Where’s the 9.47 train” he then replied with “What train, there’s no 9.47 train… Only 10.40…”

I was absolutely raging, I then had to sit around for ages… Twiddling my thumbs waiting for time to pass! Eventually getting on the train I felt relief, I could now sit back and relax and cruise to Birmingham international! Well… That wasn’t the case at all! It seems that after a certain time in the day the Virgin trains, change… They go a little crappy!

Now, I did consume a few Gin and Tonics, before live tweeting my journey, don’t judge me ahah! These a just a snippet of the tweets I was churning out every few minutes!

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That’s just a snippet of the stuff I was tweeting… I hope you enjoyed the tweets if you are following, and the million more that I posted as well just to keep you all awake ahah! Have you ever had a bad train experience? Maybe something you want to share? Comment below or reach out to me on your desired social media Facebook / Twitter ! As I want to hear all about It!