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Visual Brainteasers With Answers:

So as my Brainteaser post, and my Facebook brain teaser was so popular I’ve decided to do another one lets see how smart you really are! How we are going to do this, is the questions will be at the top and the answers will be at the bottom! Right lets crack on with these visual brainteasers!

1.Count how many lines there are?

Counting-Riddle-From-Picture Visual Brainteasers

2. Count how many triangles there are? 

Count-The-Triangles-Riddle Visual Brainteasers

3. Can you answer the maths question?

Maths-Picture-Riddle Visual Brainteasers

4.Can you find the correct number which should replace the question mark in the picture below?

Replace-The-Question-Mark Visual Brainteasers

5. solve the counting puzzle by finding the number of triangles in the figure below 

 Visual Brainteasers Visual Puzzles With Answers - Triangle Counting Puzzle

6.In which direction should the missing arrow point ? 

Visual Puzzles With Answers - Hard Pattern Puzzle Visual Brainteasers

7. If there were 10 James’s , all fighting about the same thing, what would it be, and how would you resolve it?(Hint its before 10am

8.Can you move three matchsticks to form three triangles?

3 Triangles MatchSticks Riddle Visual Brainteasers

9. Can you add 4 matchsticks to divide the squares into two equal part?

DinnerTime-MatchStick-Riddle Visual Brainteasers

10. Alexandra wants to reach an island which is in the middle of the river. The island is 30 feet from the edge of the river. As shown in the picture below he got two wooden planks about 29 feet each.  How can Alexandra reach the island?

Reach The Island Riddle Visual Brainteasers

1. 12

2. 13

3. 12

4. 3

5. 40   16 + (8×2) + (4×2) + (1×2) + (1×2)

6.  South  The series: south, east, north, south, west, east spirals clockwise from the top left-hand corner.

7. We would probably be arguing about coffee, and you would resolve the problem by pouring us all a coffee ahah!


3 Triangles MatchSticks Riddle And Solution


DinnerTime-MatchStick-Riddle-Solution Visual Brainteasers


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If you enjoyed this visual brainteaser post, tweet me @mrjamesvincent or you can comment below! If you know any other great visual brainteasers then message me and I will add them in, well that’s if I can crack them myself!

Have a great brain teaser filled evening,