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I’ve found my new favourite drink, Vitamin Fix!

Now I’ve been away for a few days on a business trip, I’ve eaten a lot and I’ve never felt so full. However, on the last day I started feeling like I had a cold coming on, As I touched down at the Airport I wanted to get a little something from WHS Smith, and I noticed Vitamin Fix, a little shot that is absolutely loaded with minerals and Vitamins, I had never seen these guys before!

After I tried it I actually felt a bit boosted, I don’t know if that was a placebo effect but it did make me feel a lot better. After I had googled them, they say there that it doesn’t taste good… I didn’t actually mind the taste at all, I don’t know why they think it tastes bad, maybe I have an unusual taste.

If you feel like you need a Health boost, and you have about 20 seconds to spare, get yourself down to a local convenience store and buy a Vitamin Fix, a sure shot to make you feel a lot better and keep up your immune system.

If you have any other questions regarding Vitamin Fix tweet me @mrjamesvincent 


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