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Vodrich Watch Review – Timepiece Collection:

Vodrich watches are a high end wrist wear brand, offering luxury timepieces! Now I have reviewed their collection before If you are interesting in seeing the first vodrich watch review, click HERE. I do love their timepieces they look so classy! 

I’m going to be reviewing a specific timepiece today! This watch is the Deep Dive Black this watch looks so classy, I absolutely love the face of the watch! Sophistication and luxury all tied up in one! The watch itself isn’t heavy at all.

The watch arrived in a black glossy box, imprinted with the vodrich logo, the inside of the box, had the watch bound over a silk pillow. Once opened I had to try it on straight away! The watch is lightweight with a slightly heavier face, feels great on your wrist looks fantastic!

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Now this watch is from their latest collection, they are constantly stepping up their game which is what I like to see with a watch company, Vodrich watches make sure they are constantly trying out new things, experimenting with different watches and different styles.

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Overall this is a classy watch with such a sense of sophistication! This is the type of watch every gentleman needs at their disposal!  if you’re looking to buy this watch, head over to their site Also if you have any other questions about the ‘Vodrich Watch Deep Dive Watch’, or my vodrich watch review, comment below or tweet me @mrjamesvincent



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