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The question is, have you ever tried ‘Water in a box?’ 

 This drink, was given to me the other day to try, now at first glance, you think ‘Well it’s just water in a box’ that’s just good branding… Still didn’t stop me from trying it out, the one I had was the lemon and lime. The drink was lovely, it’s not just water in a box they have included great flavours and some healthy vitamins to keep you going.

I had just finished gym at the time, tired and I needed to replenish my sugar levels and energy. I reached to the side pocket on my car so find this neon green and white box looking up at me. I decided this was the perfect opportunity to drink it.

The drink was so refreshing and cold, a great drink to have right after the gym, it replenishes your energy and get you back to good level. There are a range of flavours you can buy which include, just natural/ lemon & Lime and many others.

Their mission is to be sustainable, to provide water easily to people and to get people to drink more water to become healthier. What a good business! Theres loads more information into what they are going and their mission for their business, I have linked their site below so you can check them out for yourself.

You can check out their site here http://www.waterinabox.co.uk

I hope you all try it out if you get a chance and drink more water! I may have to purchase some of their water and try out their different flavours!

If you have any other questions regarding the ‘Water in a box’ tweet me @mrjamesvincent 


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