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I thought I would do a little article on some great watermelon facts, I love watermelon. If I could I would eat it all the time but it’s a bit expensive.. So I just buy it on the odd occasion. There are some great facts that may surprise you though, hope you enjoy!


  • Watermelon is great for reducing blood pressure, so if you are feeling stressed watermelon may be the fruit for you.
  • Watermelon is a natural hydrator, as its practically 95% water, its great for getting your body back to neutral.
  • Now heres something you probably didn’t know, watermelon is a natural viagra. Studies have shown, that watermelon has viagra like effects.
  • This fruit is so very mineral rich, your body needs vitamins and minerals to keep it functioning, with a boost from watermelon you are bound to feel a bit healthier.
  • Because its practically just water, its so low in calories, so don’t worry about over indulging in it.
  • Watermelon Juice May Relieve Muscle Soreness, so this is something you should consider eating after a workout.
  •  Watermelon Is a Fruit and a Vegetable
  • Some Watermelon Are Yellow. The Yellow Crimson watermelon has yellow flesh with an apparent sweeter, honey flavour.