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Waterproof Notebook | Waterproof Paper;

Have you ever had a great idea in the shower, but then the minute you are finished and dressed you have forgotten all about it… Well forget no more! With this water proof pad you can write your ideas down in the shower!

Its happened so many times, I’ve been in the shower had this great idea, but then once I’m dressed, I seem to forget them, so when I stumbled across these guys I was so interested in getting one. So this company is called ‘Aqua Notes’ It looks like a normal notebook but they use a special type of paper, which is waterproof, connected onto a waterproof suction pad.

I think this is so clever, because it doesn’t matter who you are, when you have a shower, you start to have a think to yourself, then you think even more! Especially if you are creative, the shower is a great place to gather your thoughts. So don’t let your ideas go down the drain with this Aqua Notebook!

If you have any other questions about the notepad, tweet me @mrjamesvincent or you can check out my Instagram @james.vincent 

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