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Weird Ape Watch Review | The Mechanical Skeleton Watch You Need!

I’ve recently teamed up with Weird Ape Watches, to feature and review one of their very popular and demanding timepieces, the mechanical skeleton watch! When Weird Ape reached out to me, I was very interested to feature this watch, straight away for the initial pictures I saw I was attracted to the intricacy of this complex mechanical watch. Let’s begin the Weird Ape watch review!

Overview of the timepiece:

So when the timepiece arrived I opened up the box to look down at the silk black bad, imprinted with the Weird Ape logo, I opened up to see a very beautiful timepiece. The complex timepiece screamed sophistication with an intertwined feel of steam punk. The gloss brown leather strap with sown with a gold thread, connected to the silver and gold time face.

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Look and Feel:

It features a kinetic mechanism, which is powered by the wearer’s movements, meaning no batteries are required. Which is the perfect feature for a man on the move. No time wasted winding up the watch or fiddling around with batteries. Move and the watch will move for you.

The most appealing aspect of the watch is the face. The design is so complex, beautiful and bold. The gold and silver Mirtello’s glass-encased stainless steel face has a mesmerising visible mechanism, this really makes a statement.

weird ape watch, weird ape watch review

Features you need to know!
Movement: Authentic hand winding mechanism.

  • Display: Analogue
  • Strap material: High quality leather
  • Case material: Stainless steel
  • Face material: Glass
  • Clasp type: Strap buckle
  • Strap colour: Black
  • Body: 1.3 x 4.2 x 25cm.
  • Watchband(adjustable range): 16~20.5cm.
  • Dial plate: 4.2 x 4 x 1.3cm.



Overall this mechanical skeleton watch is definitely something every man needs at their disposal. Stand out in front of your peers, gain attraction and be bold, with the Weird Ape Watch. This watch will definitely spark a conversation!

weird ape watch, weird ape watch review

If you have any other questions about the Weird Ape watch, reach out to me below or you can alternatively reach out to me on your desired social media! Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

weird ape watch, weird ape watch review