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So around the world there are different christmas traditions, but some are definitely weirder than others! 

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So lets begin about some weird traditions some people have; 

Christmas with the KFC man:

So even though Japan don’t actually practice Christmas as often as other places do, some Japanese people take it very seriously, but now with a Sunday roast, with a bucket of KFC Chicken. Some people in Japan, actually book their bucket of chicken so far in advance so they make sure they have it ready for the big day!

A KFC restaurant in a shopping mall.  KFC, McDonalds, Christmas Traditions

Keeping the broom at bay:

Now here is one that I didn’t know, the Norwegians believe that around christmas the witches come back, especially on christmas eve, so to make sure no evil spirits can ‘take flight’ they hide the brooms.

Norway broom tradition, Christmas Traditions

The Spiders Web:

Ukrainian Christmas trees are traditionally decorated, but with one specific ornament. A spiders web, to represent poorer people of Ukraine, the story comes from; A poor Ukrainian family didn’t have enough money to decorate their tree, one day a family woke up to find a spider had decorated the whole tree in a beautiful web.

Spiders web ornament christmas tree, Christmas Traditions

Roller Skate Season:

In Caracas, the capital of Venezuela it is very usual for people in the capital to start the day roller skating, people take this so seriously that people won’t drive on the day, so that people can roller skating around.

Roller skating tradition, Christmas Traditions

Who wants a pickle?

US households will often adorn their Christmas trees with decorative pickles, now I don’t know if all families do this, some keep up the tradition some don’t. I’m interested in finding out if this is true, if you are american do you do this?

Pickles tradition, Christmas Traditions

If you have any other christmas traditions from your country, drop them in the comment section below!